Welcome to the world's first Accurate Online Flotation Calculator.

Glencore Technology have introduced the first accurate online calculator for estimating the required Cell installation for your flotation circuit.  The result shows you what Jameson Cell installation is needed to deliver any given target concentrate.

The online calculator on this page is available for free and takes key parameters like commodity and cell duty to decide what calculations are needed.  Then it's remarkably thorough as it executes them.

It takes specific feed and concentrate grades, recovery targets and percentages of solids and it builds each stage through roughers, cleaners and recleaners.

The result is a powerful indicator of what the recommendation could contribute to your flotation circuit and to your downstream flowsheet.  It reveals what type of Jameson Cells would deliver the outcome and how many bubble-generating downcomers could be required.

While it can't serve as an accurate specification without human problem-solving, it can help direct information-gathering, planning and show you what's possible.



This online calculator is an estimate, only, and does not serve as a firm predictor of Jameson Cell performance in your flowsheet. The actual process, data-gathering and calculations used by Glencore Technology in a project are more involved. They help us deliver the world's best performance guarantee.

Use this online calculator as an indicator of what is possible and to gain more information that can be valuable in your specifications. And for more information, including accurate predictions for real world performance, contact us today at jamesoncell@glencore.com.au